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Learning The Kabbalah: The Heart of Kabbalah

The Triangular Connection: Creator, Creation & the Human Being.
Kabbalah is not theology in the strict sense of the word. Theology implies God and world as if they are separate, and Kabbalah comes to dispel this notion. Neither is it, strictly speaking, a mystical branch of thought.

Kabbalah is referred to as The Tree of Life. In the following essay I wish to explore the three fundamental truths of our lives: our Source of being, who we are, and where we are. In other words the divine, man and world. Once we secure a better understanding of the above-mentioned, we can begin to understand the kabbalistic weltanschauung of life, both our personal, collective and cosmic purpose.


The gene defines propensity to kind acts

Israeli genetics have found out that by changes in gene directly are connected with propensity of people to make kind acts to the detriment of personal benefit.

Remark: Contrary to personal benefit does not happen, if it not the special program of the nature, an instinct similar to care of the descendants or fellow tribesmen. The program operates everything - and it is selfish. Researchers see external display of this program which have been written down in us, already in its realisation in a material - in a biomaterial, in genes.
The Kabbalah speaks about how to correct this program - and only by method also programmed by the nature. All other changes will lead to resistance of the nature that will outwardly be shown in accidents, crises, sufferings.


What the science the Kabbalah is based on?

From record "the Belief is incompatible with a science": "the Kabbalah … is a science: the person opens a new reality, and then it (is scientifically skilled) investigates".

Answer: Disclosing of a new reality occurs in a measure of similarity to it the new qualities "return and love" - heart, and then the brain (reason, thoughts) joins and studies reached by feelings. To belief is not present, as well as religions.
The science the Kabbalah is based on:

1. Consecutive change of mind properties of the person under the influence of a studied material (high society),

2. Sensation in the found new properties of a new reality,

3. Research of this new reality - its comprehension,

4. In a comprehension measure, merge (profound penetration) feelings and reason in a new condition.

Such sequence of conditions occurs on all 125 steps of change of mind properties (desires, intentions) with "for the sake of itself" on "for the sake of others, the Creator" - before complete correction of soul (the purpose of its creation).


Perfection waits for us

Question: Absence of balance can be easily seen on an example of the person which consumes more than it is necessary for a normal life. And what possibly we can tell about the person who hardly lives month till following salary?

The answer: This person is not in balance too.

7 billion people live in the world. 50% are starving. 40% are under living busket.

Only 0,5 billion people are happy with the material standard of living. But they are in depression, drugs, divorces, suicides and etc …

Perfection comes to us from the Infinity World - and it's possible to reach it by spiritually risen on this level. It is achievable, and the Nature compels us to it, and means, a technique of achievement of a perfect condition. Here it is. Opened to you - a science of Kabbalah!


Amulets, Talismans... and their meaning

For a long time people were able to protect themselves and the house from troubles, misfortunes, a malefice by means of amulets. And these amulets were valid and really protected the owners. And now they are kept in our houses. Almost everyone is having certain amulet. Simply any thing which is pleasant can preserve. In many houses there are the horseshoes hanging on a wall in hallway, a linen bag, hidden in a secured place. We make investigations, we know meanings of amulets, we share that knowledge with our friends and family. We have fairy tales, stories about amulets, about a wooden toy and national dolls. And it still not all. If you have not found the answer to the question or has wanted to share the response, the story - write at our blog. We'll be glad to hear your stories and ideas.

Where Amulets, Talismans, Charms come from ...

Word Talisman is borrowed from arabs. In Arabic language it means “the magic letter”. A lot of people incorrectly interpret value of this word, attributing talismans protective functions, i.e. functions of AMULETS . If to adhere to strict classification - they differ:




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Ancient source of wisdom - the Seals of King Solomon. These Seals bear the ancient secrets of protection against evil eye. They carry harmony and give the power to everyone in everyday life. Not only Jews have known the powers of the seals for thousands of years.
Christians and Muslims also believe in their powers. There's evidence which was found in churches and mosques all over the world, where the seals are embedded in their decorations as a source of divine power. According to tradition the Seal originated from King Solomon's ring - the wisest of all men. He wore a ring on whixh were engraved symbols, letters, names of angels, codes and acrostics of biblical verses.
King Solomon, the son and heir of King David, builder of the Lord's Temple in Jerusalem, was considered to posses the wisdom of nature. It was believed Solomon could speak the language of animals and spirits, and submit the spiritual world to serve justice for the benefit of men. King Solomon Seals presented here are attributed to King Solomon, who was given the knowledge associated with the creation of the seals by an angel of the Lord. According to ancient traditions the various seals were used by the magic-wise monarch in magical rituals to evoke spirits in order to achieve benevolent and just goals. How the seals have become part of kabbalistic magic (Jewish, mysticism) and also valued by the occult in other forms of medieval and even Eastern magick, is not yet clear and is a matter of historical, archeological and spiritual research and investigation. So is true for the use of the seals in different rituals. While some of the letters and markings on the seals can be recognized, a great many of them are obscure, at least to those who do not posses the ability to understand their true nature. These seals are well-known within the spiritual community as sources of great wisdom and power, if not the greatest. However, whatever one may choose to do with the seals or whatever powers one chooses to attribute to them is the down to ones own beliefs, knowledge and understanding.

At an era when ancient and hidden knowledge is available, when the world is changing and reality is complex, when people search for inner peace they try to connect it to their daily worlds, we find the way to assist people by combining the mystical code of the 72 Names of God and precious stones, known for their virtues and qualities, and the traits of the shape of the key. The combination of the three allows us to give you the Keys for the Soul. The Key for the Soul (Life) is designed in a unique and exclusive way: the stone is embedded in a medallion in such a way that gives it a spiral and dynamic motion. Being close to the body the stone can radiate/bestow the same qualities attributed to it. A combination of two out of the 72 Names of God are imprinted on the outside of the Key, we have left the inside of the Key hollow which enables the wearer to put a note containing his/hers and mother's name. The mixture of spirit - name of God and a matter - precious stone, creates the Key of the Soul and constitutes a powerful combination, which influences the person wearing it in an associative, mental and practical manner.
The 72 Names of God (by saying them Moses divided the sea and released water from the rock) are taken from verses in the Book of Exodus, chapter 14, verses 19-21, each one of the verses containing 72 letters.